Juice Jams of the Week: 1.24.2015

This week, we’re bringing WA’s inimitable graphic designer and office sass master Andrew Parris back to the DJ decks. Get ready for an upbeat weekend best paired with flashing lights.


Prince- U KNOW

Click here for the jam!

The artist formerly known as Prince is just Prince again, and he’s still making music that’s kinky as hell, this time with a more modern, less guitar based twist.


Sugababes- Round Round (Soulwax Remix)

Do you like chunky bass, layered female vocals and disco drums? If so, you’ll probably dig this a whole lot.


The Knife- We Share our Mother’s Health (Shaken Up Version)
It’s a little ‘drum and bass,’ it’s a little funk, it’s a little hip-hop, it’s a little weird and it’s very fun to rock out to.


Beyoncé- 7/11

It’s Be, so you know it has to be good.


Tora- Jaigantic (Galimatias Remix)
If jazz and silky male falsetto tracks got pushed through a schizophrenic bubble maker, this would be the result.


Brika- Expectations

Bluesy melodies, bouncy house bass and anthemic catchiness mean that you should have high expectations for this tune.


Phil Beaudreau- Little Wild Fire
Swooping stoned vocals over a churning snare drum and an ever building orchestra of synth lend themselves well to a bedroom singalong.


Sango ft. SPZRKT- Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife
This song is probably about an awesomely sexy honeymoon through Tokyo, Paris, L.A.  Big R&B bass meets soft textures and namedrops of about every major city there is, so if you live in one of them you’ll probably have found a new anthem.


Röyskopp- Something in My Heart
This song is the audio equivalent of floating through deep space with a broken heart. If you’re in that mood (of course you are) then this is the absolutely the song you’ve got to play.


iamamiwhoami- fountain
She’s a slowburner with enough reverb to kill a horse but just enough to make this song super spacey and sexy.


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