Millennial Pink Drinks to try This Summer

Whether it’s a rose-gold iPhone or a limited-edition Starbucks, millennial pink is a color that’s here to stay. Even though rosé wine (not to mention frosé) is set to be as trendy this summer as last, we’ve curated a delicious list of six pink drinks, from cocktails to beer to liquor, to sip on this summer besides your favorite blush wine.



This pretty pink tequila drink is perfect for anyone who loves margaritas. It’s literally two ingredients (just tequila of your choice and fresh grapefruit juice), so it’s super easy to shake up everywhere from the beach to the backyard barbecue.


Wolffer Dry Rosé Cider

This Long Island vineyard is known for producing top-notch wine, but their rosé cider is definitely their most unique offering. Wolffer makes a white cider as well, but this blushing version is slightly sweeter thanks to red grape skin extract, and has a light citrus flavor. Added bonus: it comes in 4-packs of beautiful bottles, perfect for serving at parties along with cans of beer (or cocktails).


Abashiri Pink Beer

This Japanese brewery actually debuted a blue beer before this pink edition, which has a crisp white head and subtle cherry flavor. The cherries used to make this deeply pink beer are grown in northern regions of Japan, where they develop a gentle sweetness and contribute to this fresh and fruity brew.


Pink Lady

This classic cocktail has just three ingredients: gin, grenadine, and egg white. Lemon juice is often added, and another version adds sweat cream for a more decadent take on the drink. The Pink Lady reached peak popularity in the 1950s, but with its perfectly millennial pink tone, we think summer 2017 could be its big comeback year.


Pinky Vodka

Aside from the bottle being totally Instagram-worthy, this pale pink liquor makes me actually want to drink vodka. Pinky Vodka is distilled five times and hand-blended with violets, rose petals, and other botanicals for a slightly sweet flavor and stunning color. Mix it into a super pink Cosmo or substitute it for ordinary vodka in your favorite summer cocktails.


Hannas Rosé Cider

Another rosé cider, because they’re too damn delicious. This semi-sweet one has flavors of rose, pear and mango, giving the cider a warm and fruity aroma. The pale pink cider comes in a chic can, but drink it from a glass to enjoy the full pink experience.

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