Rosé Wine Pouches for Everyone’s Inner Child

Is it just me, or is drinking on-the-go and/or in public easier than ever? From canned cocktails to handbags specifically designed to hold wine, open container laws just might be a thing of the past (kidding, mostly). And as a kid whose mother refused to buy Capri Sun, I was thrilled to hear that rosé is now sold in plastic pouches designed similarly to the sugary, forbidden, fruity drink of my childhood dreams.

Electric Wine Company is selling six packs of rosé pouches, which contains a bottle and a half of wine total – perfect for a girl’s day at the beach or BYOB brunch. A straw is included, so you don’t need to worry about toting around a corkscrew or set of wine glasses, plus you can divvy up the pouches with your pals for easy carrying instead of tossing a heavy glass bottle in your beach bag.

Electric Rosé also has a 12.5 percent ABV, so a little of this will go a long way. Epicurious points out that rosé literally goes with everything – chocolate, pizza, seafood and all of your summertime favorites – so this is a perfectly practical purchase.

The brand’s website says they want to strike down “conventional consumption methods by creating the first ever, single-serve pouch. Intentionally ironic with a hint of nostalgia, Electric Rosé…is environmentally kind and deliciously fun.” Jury’s still out on the tasting notes, but one thing I’m not picky about is wine that’s intended to be sipped through a straw.

Though not available nationwide, Delish reports that you can find Electric Rosé in Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, Tennessee and Georgia. And this is a purchase you can feel good about – a portion of the proceeds from each six pack goes to Water2Wines, a charity that helps create clean, sustainable water sources all over the globe. This is one rosé that we will definitely be saying “yes, way” to.

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