6 Reasons to Pick Wine over Beer at your BBQ

It’s safe to say barbecue season est arrivé. Aromas of smoked meat have declared summer’s approach, and salacious fantasies have surfaced about dripping, moist, tender …


For too long, beer has been dubbed the official beverage of barbecues. This is a falsity we at Wine Awesomeness cannot abide. Whites and rosés ensure a lively, lasting party, while sixers of brews guarantee nothing but bloated stomachs and yawns. Meanwhile, the hallowed ceremony of sparkling wine is an immediate pronouncement a party has indeed begun.

Here are six reasons to declare #wineallthetime at your next ‘Q:


1) Conversation sparking

One of the purest pleasures of wine is the conversation it brings. Fittingly, conversations, new friendships and tales of tomfoolery are what barbeques are all about. Wine at once teaches you things about yourself and those you’re drinking with — more so than Bud Light, in my opinion. This leads to …

2) Rocking the wine swag

That lovely brunette in the Carolina blue sundress?  Yeah, she doesn’t much fancy Miller Lite.  Approach her with a slender, sparkling Brut rosé and you may just have a chance. This ties back to point one: nearly everyone I know agrees that people are more likable after two glasses of red. Wine breeds confidence and a quick wit. Beer breeds belches.

3) Wine’s gluten free — and generally healthier than beer

Hat tip to my friend, the lovely Brianne at Wine Kitchen, who just informed me almost all wine is gluten free. Thankfully, I’ve never had to deal with a gluten allergy or been too concerned about calorie or carb counting. But then again, most folks are more concerned with living past 50 than I am. On damn near every health front — heart, calories, antioxidants — wine trumps beer.

4) Wine shooters

Throwing back a shot glass of vinho verde every 15 or 20 minutes with your new coterie of pals is a quick and easy way to lubricate the crowd and keep the discovery going. And it’s not nearly as obnoxious or messy as shotgunning Bud Heavies.

5) Embrace the POP!

Is there a single, non-verbal sound that announces a celebration more than the pop of a cork unleashing a flow of happiness from a sparkling pinot to mauzac to whatever your preference? However new and non-native to wine you are, you understand that the pop means smiles and celebration are imminent.

6) It’s all about the pairing

Ribs, brisket, pulled pork (what have you) are among the finest dishes to accompany wine. Think of a floral, acidic Loire Valley rosé or a tantalizing Txakolina. The possibilities are endless. Current WA offerings that would be a delight with some Q include the 2013 Vinum Pinot Noir, 2013 Quinta de Raza Vinho Verde and 2013 Biohof Pratsch Zweigelt.