Take Your Halloween Costumes to the Next (Alcohol) Level

Trying to come up with an epic Halloween costume is difficult. Even more challenging? Coming up with a group costume that everyone in your group is excited about and won’t back out on later. And let’s face it, even if you all love Game of Thrones – you’ll never be able to decide who gets to be Daenerys.

So here’s some awesome group costume ideas that won’t cause as big of a rift this year and will show everyone you have the coolest friends around because you’re all going to kill it in these booze-themed costumes.


Beer Pong

Each of your friends can buy this foam beer cup costume, OR, with only a little money and effort you can make your own version of a red SOLO cup from a garbage can, which will actually look much more authentic, not to mention sturdier.

All you need to do is cut out the bottom of a 32-gallon trash can with a utility knife. You can also cut off the handles of the trash can if you want it to look more like a cup. Then you’ll need to spray the outside of the can with white paint to prime it for the red paint you’ll spray it with next. It’s okay if white paint gets inside the can because SOLO cups are white on the inside anyway.

Once your can is painted, you can attach suspenders or any kind of rope, by stapling these to the can or tying them through holes. You could have someone dress up as the ping pong ball, but even better would be using a volleyball or relative-sized pong ball so you can actually play.

Though this makes a great group costume, we think rocking the SOLO cup solo would definitely place you first in our costume competition.



Now this seems like a fun one. If we had the space to give this a try with our friends in NYC, we definitely would. For the beer bottles, you could each buy a costume like this beer bottle hoodie or this beer bottle and leave them as they are, or ask your artsy friend to spiff up the costumes with the labels of your favorite beer. Or skip buying the costumes, and everyone can get matching clothes that you can decorate with the cardboard from your favorite 24-pack.

Now the fun part: the making of the six-pack. So if you’ve already gathered five of your friends, you’re off to a great start. These guys went all out making their six pack Bud Light costume with a wooden frame and graphic-scanned banners, but for a quicker, but still awesome project, we think you can do this with just some cardboard and paint. Each person can get cardboard to make their own sixth of the six pack. Make sure everyone’s boxes are the same size, so that when you all come together, it looks like a six pack. Once your boxes are cut and assembled, you can paint them and label with your favorite beer design. If you don’t have an artistic friend, find one.



Want to be beer and wine? Want to be JT and Gaga? Or just want to say, “Bring it on down to Liquorville,” all night? For JT’s beer costume, you can make your own out of some felt and artwork or give one of the beer bottle options above a try (see: six-pack). To replicate JT’s outfit further, you can get cartoon hands and feet.

The toughest part about this costume will be replicating Lady Gaga’s giant wine glass hands, but we think your Halloween will be all the more fun if you find some way (tape, maybe?) to keep your hands secured to giant wine glasses all night – plastic wine glasses are probably best. You can find bunches of fake grapes at just about any craft store, which you could safety pin onto any outfit you want to wear. For the cork hat, you could just cut and roll a brown paper bag into a cylinder to wear on top of your head, or cut a face hole to wear it over your head.



This group costume might be the easiest – there’s a multitude of ways to pull this off and everyone can do their own thing. There are some different options: you can all go as different colored margarita glasses; or maybe one person dresses as a parrot, someone else a palm tree, someone else Jimmy Buffet; or maybe you want to bring back last year’s margarita guy (who is actually Jimmy Buffet) from Jurassic World – can this guy really go out of style? Mix a bit of all of these options with some bright colors and your best beach attire and you’re all set.


In case you want to go it alone, don’t be afraid to rock some of these ideas solo. Or check out these wine-awesome suggestions from last year. And no, they’re not out of style. Wine will never be out of style.

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