The Ultimate Candy Cane Martini

Put down your pumpkin spice (seriously, it’s time) and get real with this candy cane martini. It’s delicious yet balanced, seasonal yet timeless, festive yet sophisticated. Get at it.

4 crushed candy canes
1 bar of dark chocolate
3 ounces peppermint schnapps
3 ounces white creme de cacao
3 ounces vanilla rum

Makes 2 cocktails

CRUSH candy canes into a small bits – the smaller the better – and set aside.

HEAT chocolate bar in a pot until just melted and then pour onto a small plate or saucer.

DIP the rim of each glass into the chocolate and then into the crushed candy canes. Allow to cool.

COMBINE peppermint schnapps, creme de cacao and vanilla rum in a large glass or cocktail shaker, over ice. Mix well.

STRAIN into pre-garnished glasses. Serve.

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