Unwind with Rewined Candles

From champagne to soy wax, the musky green bottles that spill bubbly juice into flutes at Charleston brunch spots become the encasing of candles thanks to Adam Fetsch. It all began when the curious entrepreneur who was working at local spot Triangle Char and Bar, wondered how he could reuse the sea of champagne bottles that tower in their recycling bins every Sunday.

Fetsch set up shop in his backyard and got to work. Suddenly it became clear, why not turn them into wine scented candles? From there Rewined was born.

A grass dressed door leads the way to the wax making magic 7,000-square-foot warehouse. Inside you find the true meaning of authentic craftsmanship. Each candle that leaves the warehouse is passed through 10 hands that all lovingly contribute to its creation. There is a cutting crew, pouring pals, label ladies and lads, and pickers and packers. They produce between 400-500 candles everyday.

The candles are produced using 100% premium soy wax that ensures a long, slow, clean and even burn. The candles clock in at $22 dollars a piece however, their long life and unmatched quality are worth that and more. You can find their candles at retailers all around the US or order them online.


The candles come in 8 core fragrances that include cabernet, champagne, chardonnay, merlot, pinot grigio, pinot noir, riesling, and sauvignon blanc. They produce seasonal flavors such as spiked cider for the fall which I recommend getting your hands on before it’s gone.

Beyond being fortunate enough to explore the nooks and crannies of the warehouse, the generous crew bestowed us with a few of their limited edition scented candles to try, which we have yet to stop burning in the office. The tasting notes that the candle exudes derive from a chilean variety known as camenere. It is a rare deep varietal with alluring notes of blackberry, ripe pepper, and soft herbal tones with a black fruit finish. The crew traveled all the way to Chile and worked with the winery to create their newest addition.


Strike a match, light the wick, and relish in the tasting notes of your favorite wine variety with the help of Rewined candles.


Photography courtesy of Isobelle Hemmers

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