5 Products That Will Save You from a Hangover

Hangovers are nature’s not-so-friendly reminder that too much of a good thing isn’t always all that grand. Even so, we’re not ones to let that deter us from enjoying our glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, or imbibing an Old Fashioned. And while there may be a ton of do-it-yourself remedies out there to help you beat the aftermath of a night out, sometimes you’re in need of something a little stronger, and more formulaic, than some greasy food and a Gatorade. When that’s the case, here are the products that will let you have your wine and drink it, too.




There’s no reason that a (really) fun night and a productive morning should be mutually exclusive, which is exactly why Prime has made it its mission to offer up the best of both worlds. Promising to let you “rock today” and still “roll tomorrow,” the vitamin B-, amino acid-, electrolyte-infused anti-hangover solution makes bouncing back from a night of drinking look almost too easy.




There are few scenarios – as much as we hate to admit it – in which sleeping off your problems is actually going to help you. Fighting off a hangover, though, happens to be a rare instance where the method works. And since quality sleep isn’t exactly the likeliest byproduct of a night spent drinking, the all-natural, herbal sleep drink, reBloom, can help you doze off in no time, and help you wake up feeling surprisingly refreshed.




While your body breaks down alcohol into toxins like acetaldehyde, RESQWATER is packed with ingredients to protect your system and help detoxify it. Plus, not only does the scientifically formulated recovery drink fight off hangovers, but it also alleviates post-workout muscle soreness. Which kind of means that “working out” and “getting wasted” are the same thing, and that “going to the bar” might count as “going to the gym.”


never too hungover

Never Too Hungover

The ship for having never been too hungover may have sailed, but Never Too Hungover can at least save you from ever being too hungover again. Loaded with ingredients like milk thistle, which detoxifies and protects the liver, and green tea extract, which promotes oxygen flow, Never Too Hungover is the perfect blend of vitamins and nutrients to make preventing a hangover as simple as getting drunk was in the first place.




Taking an electrolyte solution made for kids may seem counterintuitive when you’re tackling an exclusively adult dilemma, but Pedialyte is actually a pretty effective way to counteract the dehydration that leaves you feeling groggy after a few glasses too many. While the solution’s sodium content helps your kidneys retain more water, Pedialyte simultaneously replenishes your body’s potassium supply, which your body loses a lot of every time you hit the restroom between drinks. It doesn’t hurt that you have kid-approved flavors like strawberry and mixed fruit to choose from, either.



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