Cat Wine is a Real Thing

“WHY DRINK ALONE?” screams the homepage of Apollo Peak. “Cat Lovers, rejoice – there’s now a wine for your cat.”

While we’re tempted to make the argument that drinking with your cat is still sort of like drinking alone… we’re going to let Apollo Peak, maker’s of this new feline-focused beverage, have this one. And besides, anything that encourages the popping of a bottle is fine by us.

While this isn’t the first cat wine to break into this niche market, it is the first to be fully organic and with entirely non-toxic ingredients – which means alcohol is not actually included on the ingredients list. It does however contain the kitty equivalent: catnip. And while only about half of all cats can actually smell catnip, we’re pretty sure they’d be curious enough to try the concoction anyway, especially if it means keeping you company while you have a drink. The drink also contains organic beets and sea salt, so, if you were so inclined, you could also have a sip.

Now for the varietals. Apollo Peak cat wine comes in two flavors, Moscato and Pinot Meow… get it? Each of these comes in two sizes, 1.6 Meownce single tasting bottles and full 8 Meownce bottles (we couldn’t make this up if we tried). And at $4.95 and $11.95 respectively, that’s a damn good deal for a bottle of “vino.”

We did some investigating and it turns out that you may notice your kitty may seem a little sleepy after finishing their pour, but this is the natural effect of eating catnip and is a-okay. Seeing as you’ll likely also be a little sleepy from your own glass, we’re going to guess that this will work out nicely.

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  • Back before you were born (probably, since this was the late 1980s), Gallo had a “diet” Chardonnay that wasn’t nearly as bad as it sounds. My sister and I used to get it every now and then. We had a cat who would sneak up and lap from our glasses; she’d have about two ounces, then go sleep it off. For my sister’s birthday, I opened a Trockenbeerenauslese — $40 back then, which was a chunk of change — offered a sip to the cat, but NO! She preferred the CHEAP “diet” wine! LOL!

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