Keep Your Wine Cool on the Go

That bottle of wine you brought with you to the beach is as good as useless without a plan to keep it cool. Expect a warm disaster of a wine if you think letting it hang out in the sun for a few hours will be okay. Fortunately, hacks make the world go round. Save the day and bring these wine cooling solutions to your next beach party:


Bring along your frozen grape stash

Frozen grapes mean ice cold wine without the watered down aftermath of ice. Plus, they offer a boozy treat at the bottom of every glass you guzzle.


Use the old salt and ice trick

Throw a shaker of salt in your cooler next to a couple bags of ice. When you finally find that sweet spot at the beach, the perfect ratio of sun and shade, mix together the ice with the salt and plant those bottles firmly. They’ll be icy cold in no time.


The almighty wine ice cubes

The reasons you need to try this are three-fold.


Wrap it in a wet paper towel

The day before your beach bash, make sure to wrap your wine up in some damp paper towel and freeze the bottles. Sure to keep your wine chilled long enough to polish it off.


Freeze some water balloons

Fill a beverage tub with your bottles and surround them with the frozen balloons for cool wine sans cooler. Then once they’re melted throw them at anyone who seems faded.


Find some newspaper

Go for a dip with newspaper in hand. Not as weird as it sounds. Then wrap your bottle in the wet newspaper so that as the water evaporates it cools your wine.



Last resort, hunt down a popsicle and pop it in your glass — or make some wine popsicles yourself! No watered down wine here!



  • Louise says:

    Are you SERIOUS???!!! Most of the beaches here in SoCal DO NOT allow drinking of ANY alcoholic beverages on the beach, and come with a very steep price tag for doing so!!!
    Whatever happened to “drinking responsibly”??

    • Alexandra Pastron Alexandra Pastron says:

      Hey Louise! We here at thebacklabel absolutely abide by the laws of drinking responsibly and hope our readers do too!

  • jeraldine eason says:

    Thank goodness I live on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and we are allowed to drink our wine on the beach sorry for the people in So-Cal who can’t be trusted to drink resposibly

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