Good Bye, Flip Cup… Hello, Candy Land

Even if your college days are behind you, the drinking games don’t have to come to an end. While you should probably put your beer pong trophy in storage, there are still plenty of competitive (and ridiculous) ways to get your buzz on. Dig out your dusty board games and take a quiet night up a notch with these adult-appropriate drinking games. Here are 5 takes on board game classics that will put you on the path to drunkenness.



The only time you get to throw money around—even if it’s pastel-colored and completely fake. Play this with all your fancy finance friends and see who comes out the richest (and the drunkest). Five bucks it’s not the Wall Street Guy.

Covet the “boring” spaces and drink whenever you land on:

Free Parking
Just Visiting
Chance or Community Chest
Un-owned property (drink if you don’t buy it)



The real mystery here = who gets to be Miss Scarlet? And why are you still sober?? If you’re a serious Clue player, you’ll come dressed in character and prepared to drink accordingly—champagne for Miss Scarlett, brandy for Colonel Mustard, Bailey’s for Mrs. White, plum liqueur for the Professor.

Take a drink when:

You enter a new room (+ an additional drink if you move via a secret passageway)
Your character is accused
You make an incorrect suggestion
Both dice land on the same number



For all you Words With Friends aficionados, this is your time to shine. In a true test of wits, find out which member of your friend group remains (or becomes) a brilliant wordsmith while intoxicated.

Take a drink if:

You add an “S” to the end of a word (this is a cheap move, and you’ll be “punished” accordingly!)
Your word is less than 4 points
If you play a word that refers to any kind of booze, everyone else must take a drink
Take 7 drinks if you use all 7 letters in one play…those 50 bonus points are going to cost you some sobriety.



This game has the tendency to make adults feel pretty bad about themselves—no, I don’t own a 5-bedroom Tudor house! I’m still single and don’t have kids! (Ok, maybe it’s just me). But, hey—misery loves light beer almost as much as it loves company. Just like in real life, knock back a drink when things get too hard to handle.

Take a drink:

When you land on a space that describes something you’ve never done in real life. (Tip: Play this with your single, unemployed, family-less friends to maximize drinking).
For every kid you have
Whenever you pay taxes
Whenever you take a LIFE Tile.


Candy Land

This game requires literally zero concentration, so it’s the perfect canvas for a drinking game. Try making candy-inspired drinks to make this the sweetest drinking game ever.

Drinking rules:

Land on a blue square: Drink if you’re male
Land on a purple square: Drink if you’re female
Land on a square the same color as your game piece: Drink
Get sent backward: Drink


Photo credit John Morgan

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