The Most Colorful Wine Guide on the Market

Although we like to think that we know a thing or two about wine over here at thebacklabel, we certainly don’t know it all. It can be hard to remember where exactly Carménère grows in Chile. Or what the dominant flavors in Barbera might be.  Or even all of the regional names for Nebbiolo. For all such queries, Wine Folly has the answer.

Not only is it full of hard-to-find facts on everything from vines to glass shapes, but it is a genuinely beautiful book – if you’re someone who can appreciate a good chart, this one is for you. Flavor profiles look more like color wheels, food pairings look like flow charts and regional maps are super easy to read.

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Our favorite part, though, is that it gives you tips on how to set up a wine tasting so you can, you know, drink more wine! We’re all about broadening horizons over here and Wine Folly is the perfect next step to upping your wine knowledge.


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