The Sexiest Way to Bike With a Bottle of Wine

On the list of things thebacklabel crew enjoys, both drinking wine and biking are way up towards the top.

Now, it should go without saying that biking drunk (be it wine drunk or otherwise) is an awful idea.  Not only is it illegal, but getting seriously injured and seriously injuring others has never been cool.

Another bad idea? Hanging your grocery, tote or liquor store bags on the handlebars of your bike- it makes for a bad and unbalanced ride and could very well earn you some boo-boo’s. Herein lies the problem: if you’re anything like us, you tend to bring wine everywhere, and to get to everywhere, you bike.

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Long story short, biking with a bottle of wine sucks, but that’s where this brand called Hide & Drink comes in. We knew we’d like them based solely on their name, but ended up liking them even more when we came across their Denim Bicycle Wine Caddy.

It’s hand cut, hand sewn and made with 100% repurposed denim (you know that sh*t is hot right now) and genuine leather cowhide. We think it’s pretty cool. It’ll make your bike look better, help you step up your denim game and it straps tightly onto the frame so you can keep biking and balling without leaning and falling.

Oh, did we mention this thing is fire-branded?


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